Worldcoin Unveils World ID 2.0, Announces New Integrations

December 13, 2023 2:22 pm Comments

Worldcoin has officially unveiled its Worldcoin World ID 2.0 initiative.

World ID purports to be a universal digital ID for the online age and aims to be used seamlessly across the web. As part of the new features introduced through World ID 2.0, several new integrations have been announced.

The digital ID project is now directly compatible with Minecraft, Telegram, Reddit, Shopify, and Mercado Libre.

Despite the new integrations, the controversial Worldcoin project has drawn sharp criticism from governments and concerned privacy-minded individuals alike, including the government of Kenya.

Take a look at the accompanying press releases from Worldcoin and the related reports for more information on the project:

Cryptopolitan explained:

In addition to existing integrations with platforms like Discord, Talent Protocol, and Okta’s Auth0, World ID 2.0 offers app developers a spectrum of authentication levels.

Ranging from “lite” to “max,” these levels empower developers to tailor the authentication process based on the security requirements of their applications. This flexibility is designed to ensure that users only share necessary information, aligning with the specific needs of each application.

Tech Crunch outlined Worldcoin’s plans for the future:

Additionally, Worldcoin is expanding its onboarding operations in Mexico and Singapore. Sada said the company is also working on bringing it to more countries in Asia.

“The goal is to have Orbs available in any country to sign up […] They’re two more countries on a long list [of countries]; it’s going to take time.”

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