XRP Validator Prepped For Apocalyptic Events—Here’s How

April 11, 2024 10:54 am Comments

One XRP validator has taken precautions to prep for the worst apocalyptic-style events and preserve user data.

Towo Labs is operating an XRP validator node deep underground at the Bahnhof Pionen data center, which lies under the city of Stockholm, Sweden.

The data center is nestled inside a former nuclear bunker roughly 100 feet underground.

Such a bunker would not only protect against nuclear explosions, and the ensuing radioactive fallout, but protect from EMP attacks as well.

Additionally, the sensitive user data would be shielded from other cataclysmic natural disasters such as mass flooding and deep space asteroid impacts.

Towo Labs featured this about their decision to run the XRP validator node from a deep underground bunker:

Bein Crypto had more details:

Pionen was built as a civil defense center in 1943 to ensure essential government functions.

It can withstand a hydrogen bomb because it is buried under a mountain and accessible only by a tunnel.

It has since been converted into a data center, owned and run by Bahnhof, Sweden’s oldest independent ISP.

Several users outlined the challenges that fintech and financial architecture face from electromagnetic threats and the benefits afforded by an underground bunker.

Data Center Dynamics had more on the underground data center:

Bahnhof’s data center in Stockholm pioneered the creative data center movement, when it opened in 2008 in a former nuclear bunker.

Pionen’s design is consciously based on a James Bond bad guy’s crib, and makes several references to the 1970s movie Silent Running.

Built by Jon Karlung and briefly the home of Wikileaks, it has backup power from diesel engines designed for submarines, and features waterfalls, a salt-water fishtank, and plants growing under simulated daylight.

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