XRP Whale On Binance Withdraws 150 Million Coins

December 2, 2021 9:52 pm Comments

A transaction that was made on Binance exchange shows that a whale just withdrew close to 150 million XRP coins.

The transaction took place close to 22 hours ago and is one of the biggest XRP transfers to take place in the last couple of months.

As of right now the whale is anonymous and the coins they withdrew were placed into an unknown wallet.

Currently the transfer has taken no effect of XRP’s price and its still trading at $0.97.

Take a look at the Whale Alert here:

U.Today had more on the story:

According to the transaction page, an anonymous whale has moved 150 million XRP coins worth approximately $150 million from Binance exchange to an unknown wallet that is currently holding 150 million coins.

Previously, the same wallet has been making small, insignificant transactions to various exchanges worth approximately $20-$30. The first large transaction has been made.

After receiving significant funds, the wallet spent approximately 100,000 coins by transferring them to UpBit exchange. The purpose behind such unusual funds redistribution remains undisclosed.

Ripple’s price does not seem to consider major funds moving in a market with the price continuously moving in the same trend. The asset has broken the four-day uptrend by dropping below $0.98.


What could this whale do next with the XRP coins?

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