Attorney John Deaton “Beats The Odds”, Gives Warren A Serious Run For Her Money

April 12, 2024 11:18 pm Comments

It appears as if pro-crypto attorney John Deaton’s Senate campaign is off to a great start.

Attorney John Deaton has “beaten the odds” and raised more money than incumbent Senator Elizabeth Warren has during the first quarter. Deaton, a former marine, has risen from being an underdog to a sizable competitor for Warren. Crypto reporter Eleanor Terrett had the scoop:

“According to the Federal Election Commission, Deaton for Senate outraised Senator Warren in the first quarter with Deaton raising total revenues of $1.36M and Warren $1.1M.

According to his campaign, Deaton has received donations from prominent figures in the crypto industry such as Ripple executives  Brad Garlinghouse, and Chris Larsen, Tyler Winklevoss, and Charles Hoskinson.”

Crypto News provided this statement from Warren regarding Deaton’s campaign:

Deaton’s large, largely corporate funding is as foretold by Warren, who issued warnings to her followers in February in anticipation of Deaton’s campaign announcement.

“I’m not afraid, but this now means we need to prepare to compete against funding from powerful special interests, Wall Street, and the GOP,” she said at the time.

John Deaton writes: “A friend of mine is a registered Democrat in Texas. He called me the other day to let me know that he’s received multiple emails from Elizabeth Warren, mentioning me by name and calling a me serious threat to her seat.

I reminded him that it’s not her seat and I intend to reclaim it and give it back to the working families of Massachusetts. I’m on Senator Warren’s mind for a good reason.”

The Boston Globe reports that Deaton still has a long way to go to catch up with Warren regarding total campaign funds on hand:

Deaton’s first-quarter haul leaves him far behind Warren, the progressive champion and powerhouse fundraiser whose campaign said she had $4.4 million in her war chest. Warren raised $1.1 million for her reelection bid during the first quarter of 2024, her campaign said last week.

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