Worldcoin Reveals New Updated Orbs Coming Soon…

January 25, 2024 3:47 pm Comments

Worldcoin has revealed that it plans on releasing new, updated orbs this year in an effort to make its products more user-friendly.

The new orbs will reportedly look much more like Apple products, sleek and minimalistic, as opposed to looking like they came straight out of a science fiction film.

Sam Altman’s project has drawn the ire of liberty-minded individuals and security buffs who say that the entire Worldcoin initiative represents a massive breach of privacy and individual freedom.

ProCoin News previously reported that Kenya moved to ban the entire project in their country and even detained several Worldcoin executives for a brief period.

Despite this, the project continues to move forward and has entered several notable markets including Singapore. Here’s what is currently being reported on Worldcoin’s new orbs:


Daily Coin noted:

The upgrade is part of Worldcoin’s ambitious goal to create a global identity and financial network. But despite championing the innovative technology that has already raised around $250 million from investors, Worldcoin has faced skepticism and backlash due to privacy concerns.

Jacquelyn Melinek explained: “It is going to be similar to an Apple product, ‘more friendly’ looking and ‘way [more] tuned down,’ its CEO and co-founder
Alex Blania said.”

Tech Crunch reports:

Over the past seven days, more than 190,000 new accounts were created and about 3.13 million people total have signed up for Worldcoin, according to its website.

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