Elon Musk ROASTS Sam Bankman-Fried

November 24, 2022 12:45 pm Comments

Elon Musk has been setting headlines on fire ever since he acquired Twitter

One can say that he has set the news cycle over these last 2 weeks and has also found himself embroiled in the recent fallout of the FTX collapse.

Over the last several days, Musk has taken to trolling Sam Bankman-Fried in a series of tweets…

Musk has been busy at work distancing himself and dispelling rumors that SBF is a partial owner of Twitter; rumors which were spread by an SBF-backed publication.

As part of that effort, and partially because Musk is such a boisterous figure, he has been firing shots at Bankman-Fried.

Most recently, he made fun of the open letter that SBF penned to former FTX employees and has gone on record saying that the former FTX C.E.O. was full of it

Here are just some of his recent comments:

U Today reported that Musk had this to say about SBF’s letter:

In his response, Musk jokingly hinted at the fact that SBF is ready for the help of various media outlets to whitewash his name in the eyes of investors and future creditors. The new owner of Twitter believes that SBF is using his connections to push the narrative of the CEO’s innocence on traditional and digital media outlets.


Coindesk reports:

Bankman-Fried did not address concerns that customer funds were sent from FTX to Alameda, which were raised anew during the company’s first bankruptcy hearing earlier Tuesday.

James Bromley of Sullivan & Cromwell, who presented FTX’s current state of affairs at the bankruptcy hearing in Delaware, said that “substantial funds appear to have been transferred” to Alameda from other companies within the FTX umbrella, some of which were invested in crypto and technology ventures.

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